Getting the mortgage is half the battle.  Making sure you and your family can stay there should the unforeseen happen is why we also advise on protection products.

  • Buildings and Contents Insurance

    Did you know that all the while you hold a mortgage against a property it is a legal requirement to have Buildings Insurance? And what would you do if you damaged something within your home, for example a TV? That is where Contents Insurance will potentially save you from a costly replacement. We will be able to refer you to a Home Insurance specialist who will be able to assess your circumstances and provide you with the best cover for your needs.

    Trojan Financial Services Ltd act as a credit broker not a lender for building and contents insurance.

  • Mortgage Payment Protection

    Mortgage Payment Protection is a plan that is designed purely to protect the mortgage payment should you have an accident or illness/injury that stops you from doing your job. With a limited number of providers in the market place who offer this, we will talk through your circumstances, including your income and any sick pay you may be entitled to, in order to find you the best provider.

  • Life and Critical Insurance Cover

    Dealing with a death of a loved one, or a diagnosis of a critical illness is hard enough on its own, let alone dealing with the financial impact that these can bring. As your advisers, we have a professional responsibility to ensure that your home and family are fully protected should the worst happen. There are a number of different providers who all have slightly different options and criteria, so using our knowledge and experience, we will be able to find the best plan and tailor it to your own personal circumstances.

  • Income Protection

    When lenders look at mortgage applications, what would you say the main area they are assessing is? The answer is income. Can you afford this mortgage? Now, have you thought about what you would do if you had an accident, or an illness or injury that stopped you from doing your job and earning your income? How would you pay the mortgage and other household bills? With access to a highly comprehensive panel of providers, we can ensure that should this happen, your day to day lifestyle is not impacted.

  • Family Income Benefit

    Family Income Benefit is a different way of looking at Life or Critical Illness cover. Whilst it is always beneficial to look to redeem the mortgage with a lump sum, Family Income Benefit is there to minimise the financial impact the loss of a loved one, or the diagnosis of a critical illness can have on a more day to day basis by providing a set amount of cover on a monthly basis for a period of time. For example, let’s take a normal family home, 2 parents and 2 young children. If the main income earner in the home passed away, Family Income Benefit could look to cover the loss of their income on a regular monthly basis up until the youngest turned 18 or 21 for example. We will help with finding the best option for you based on your own circumstances.

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