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Every day we are all bombarded with emails and adverts offering us a new mortgage or loan.  Each one coming from a different lender or provider and all offering to help us ‘get on  the best deal for our situation’. 

But which one do you choose?
Do you even need to change?

The Team at Meridian Mortgage Solutions have a plan to provide its customers with a 1st class local service that not only exceeds their expectations but leaves them confident that they are on a great deal… and they know why it is a great deal for them.

Our Team of Mortgage and Protection Advisers all live and work in the Southampton, Portsmouth and New Forest area.  Which means that you are never too far from receiving expert help and advice from us. 

Face to face, over the telephone, SMS, or via email?  We are happy to use any of these forms of communication to start the process of exceeding your expectations and offering you some sound solutions to your mortgage and protection needs.

If you need to review your existing mortgage or are a first-time buyer, then please get in touch or if your plans are for the future, then now would also be a great time to look ahead and get your finances in order and know what could be available.


What can the Team help you with?

Whether you are needing a mortgage now, or are just planning for your future options, we can help. We never mind discussing your future plans as getting things in place ahead of time is always going to make things run smoother when the time comes to need our help. Everyone has questions and we expect over the years we have almost been asked them all. We never mind taking time to make sure you understand the whole process as ultimately that makes our job easier.


There are many types of mortgages that are designed to cover the different borrowers and schemes that exist. Often the choice is daunting though the best one for you will become obvious when we speak.

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Getting the mortgage is half the battle. Making sure you and your family can stay there should the unforeseen happen is why we also advise on protection products.

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Are you read for a mortgage?

Are You Ready for a Mortgage?

If this is your first time of needing a mortgage you are probably a bit daunted by the whole process.  With our help we can make sure that your finances are in the best shape before you make an application. We will help you calculate how much you can borrow and speak to some lenders on your behalf to make sure you meet their criteria. And if you are not, we will have a plan to make sure you know what still needs to be done.

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Poor Credit Score

Is Your Credit File Less Than Perfect?

Not everyone has an excellent credit score.  In fact, many of us don’t have a perfect 999 score with Experian.  Here is the good news, many lenders have criteria that is flexible to this situation.  It is our job to help match you to one of them. If you have an old default, CCJ, missed payment or been subject to a debt management programme then speak to us.  We can research which lenders may consider each of these situations. Remember – your ability to repay in the future is often more important than an issue that you have experienced in the past.

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Your Mortgage Call

Your Mortgage Call

Are you ready to find a mortgage now?  Let us book a call to talk about your mortgage needs and to discover how together we can sort you some options. And remember, even if you are not quite there, we are still happy to discuss your plans with you. Looking at things now like your income, affordability and credit score will give you a head start when you do need us.

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