Why Choose Us?

Meridian is a local mortgage broker with many years of (don’t make us add it up) experience in helping existing and prospective homeowners to get a mortgage.

The Team all live and work in the Meridian Region covering the Southampton, Portsmouth, New Forest, Winchester and throughout Hampshire and Dorset.  This means we will be familiar with your property and where you have chosen to buy and live.

We have also worked with several estate agents, high street banks, major credit reference agencies and large insurance companies leaving us with a bank of knowledge gained from helping thousands of customers.  This is good news for you, because it is our job to use our experience to make sure the hard work of matching you to the right lender is done properly.

And because we have access to a comprehensive range of products from across the market, including many deals not available direct from lenders on the high street, you can be confident on receiving the best advice and the most suitable options.

You can also be sure that our focus will always be to act in your best interests, giving you correct advice tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.  This is embedded into the culture of everything we do whilst taking pride in our professional responsibilities.

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